Getting Here


The Danum Valley Conservation Area is located about 70 kilometers from the west of Lahad Datu. It is a staggering 438 square kilometers in size on an undisturbed piece of land. The conservation area is one of the richest conservation areas in the entire world with more than 200 species of trees per hectare of land in the area. The forest is the home for many endangered species of animals like the clouded leopard, orang utan, Sumatran rhino, banteng, Asian elephant as well as the proboscis monkey.

How To Get There

The nearest local airport to Danum Valley is located in Lahad Datu. Unless you are from the Tawau airport, you will need to take a bus or taxi to go to Lahad Datu which is about 120 kilometres from the airport. Since the conservation area is 70 kilometers from Lahad Datu, it will take 2 and a half hours to get to Danum Valley from Lahad Datu by road and even if the roads on the way are sealed, it is advised to travel with a 4x4 as the roads there are frequented by heavy vehicles like logging trucks