Being remote from human habitation and almost alien to modern civilization makes the Danum Valley Conservation Area is a naturalists’ paradise. Recognized as one of the world’s most complex ecosystem, this forest serves as a natural home for endangered wildlife species such as banteng, Asian elephant, clouded leopard, orang utan, proboscis monkey, as well as a vast range of Sabah’s lowland fauna.

Borneo Rainforest Lodge

Explore Danum Valley and stay in the luxurious Borneo Rainforest Lodge. The lodge is
tucked cozily in the rainforests of Danum Valley and offers you a remarkable
glamping experience- One that you will never forget. Live in the great
outdoors without compromising your need for comfort and absolute relaxation.

Danum Valley Field Centre

A research establishment located in the heart of Danum Valley, DVFC is a humble
accommodation that’s being used by scientists and researchers alike.
DVFC currently offers a place for travellers who are on a tight budget,
and accommodation provided are dorm-style as well as private rooms.

KDRL is temporarily closed until 31st December 2022

Kawag Danum Rainforest Lodge

Kawag Danum Rainforest Lodge is located within the Ulu Segama Malua Forest Reserve.
Experience the wildlife and rainforests of the Danum Valley conservation area
while staying at the newly opened Kawag-Danum Rainforest Lodge
which is totally off the beaten track and offers adventurers
and outdoor enthusiasts a considerably
challenging jungle trekking experience